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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

IS sports carnival

Hey guys! Sorry for not being able to update my blog lately..I've been busy at my school activities.
But hey, worry no more! There are some photos about our school game carnival, I've also participated in Cheerleading =)

Institut Sinaran Games carnival
Cheerleading competition- Blue marines!
12th of march 2011
Tshung Tsin secondary school hall

Our dancing leader , Pang Khai =)
House captain , daryl~
Fang lok! shantao classmate =)
my senior..LOL

Who's the best. Who's the best?
Blue house Blue house is the best
we dont run, we dont hide
we'll stay and fight fight fight
Run away , be afraid
blue marines will win first place
its alright, dont be sad
second place is still not bad
uiyoh~ uiseh!
blue house blue house beat the rest
first to fight , last to leave
we wont ever taste defeat
OHHHH~~~ Blue house!