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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Must-not-miss food in Ranau

1.Niu Chap Mee: You might familiar with this delicious soup along with that juicy,richly marinated meat. Chances are you can find this dish in almost every corners of K.K. But Ranau too? Yes! With only RM6 ringgit per person, you can enjoy a bowl of Niu Chap. There's also a special price for student. It's the best destination to enjoy such a dish because the combination of cold weather and hot soup goes perfectly well together.

This is how the restaurant looks like. Restaurant Yeng Peng.

2.You Zha Gui: Having headaches about what breakfast to have the next morning? Well,worry no more because Tong Fang restaurant offers pretty much every preferred morning meal K.K people likes. Local's all time favorite is the warm,crunchy You Zha Gui dipped with half boiled eggs. Thanks to Nicole Tiu's intense recommendation to it, it taste very nice. You can kahwin it, dip with half boiled eggs or eat it plainly, it tastes none like other.

The restaurant is just located behind Restaurant Yeng Peng.

3.Bah Kut Teh: Say what? Yes, Bah Kut Teh. I've tried eat it in K.K where sudahlah the soup is hot, tambah lagi the sizzling weather, equals to hell. Eating Bah Kut Teh in a cold weather is something new to me. Only Rm6 ringgit and you can enjoy it. The owner is very generous in putting reasonable portion of meat for you. Really.

It is located beside the undergoing developing of Royal Kinabalu.

So guys, in case you're planning on a trip to Kundasang with family, remember the three foods above. Before I forget, there's also KFC available in Ranau too :) Have a nice day everyone!