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Sunday, December 12, 2010

felt craft handphone hanger

Other than hair accessories, we are also selling out felt hand craft.
this are made by my partner jia hui and i

Donut - Rm 4.50 each
Christmas series -socks
Rm3.50 each
Elephant - RM 4 each
sushi~ Rm4.50 each

Cloud - Rm4 each
Send out your LOVE~
Rm 4 each
come with different colours and different design
More is coming soon~

Nice and affordable Christmas Present!

Still remember the Christmas carnival that i mentioned before?
click here to see the previous post

Please mark down your calendar =)
Christmas Carnival
Gaya Street
14th-17th december 2010
6.30pm - 11pm

Jeans Bow hair band
RM 4.90 each

Leopard hairband - RM6.90 each
Design in Japan!

Leopard /polka dot pony tail holder aka hair tie
come with 5design
RM3.90 each
Design in Japan too!
Bling Bling diamond bobby pin
come in 4 design
Rm3 each

Bow hair clip
come in 4 design
RM4.50 each

Polka dot hair band
come in 7design
RM 5.50 each


See you there!