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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Follow Winston & Nicole balik Kampung.

27th-28th December 2010
A memorable trip with my friends to Ranau. A place well known of it's amazing sites,cold temperature and a far far place away from city.
I get to learn how to prepare delicious fruit salad,spaghetti,marinade lamb chop,mushroom soup, etc together with Winston and Carol.

The trip started at 9am where we had the famous Tamparuli Mee for breakfast.
Tamparuli Mee-The more you eat, the more you want!
Brigitte,Rachel,Me,Nicole and Carol
Xiao Jong,Yau Vun,Brian,Andy and Winston
Jason,Jon,Stephanie,Peter,Adrian and Kelly

Next,we're off to Nicole's Ranau house. It was cleaner than i thought.Gecko's and mouse shit were all over the place. Time for gotong-royong!
Gotong-royong guys!
They are so cute...
Group photo with Nicole gu gu (blue T-shirt,6th from the right)

Later that afternoon, we went to the Poring Hotspring to seek out the waterfall.
Yau Vun
Nah,the famous waterfall.haha!

The water was super cold.It's really fun!
I'm happy that i made a tasty sandwich filling for them.We all enjoyed it!

Sun is going down,time to prepare dinner. No picture was taken because i was busy helping out in the kitchen and everyone was busy eating.
The man behind the bbq.
We had praise & woship followed by a thankgiving sharing.I cried,that's why i don want to show my face.^^

The next day early in the morning,we had hot dogs,ham,eggs,milo and tea for breakfast.Everyone enjoyed it.
Pilling the potato skin
Next stop,Desa cow farm and Perkasa Hotel.
Like this picture very much.

This is the end of it.We had fun.We cried.We shared our thanksgiving.Wish everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.Learn from the past,and strive for the best in year 2011.

Joyce birthday lunch.

25th of dec 2010
The two of us decided to bring Joyce up for a fine dining for her birthday.
At last, we've decided to bring her to Clarence's Home grill, lintas.
It offers a nice comfort atmosphere, english interior design, makes it the perfect place to enjoy


We ordered the lunch set meal. It starts with a bowl of salad, warm soft bun with butter and soup of the day.
Hot creamy mushroom soup!
The lunch set cost only RM18++. Definitely a must place to visit if you're finding the perfect place for your family or partner. With that price, you get to choose your main course,soup, salad,ice-cream and coffee/tea.

Clarence's Home Grill Steak House
Lot 15, Lorong Lintas Plaza 3, Lintas Plaza,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
tel/fax: +6088 231 395