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Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Carnival in Gaya Street

Four days of Christmas carnival in Gaya Street has finally ended. Same as our hawker stall.
Thank God, we had good weather during the whole progress and thank you for those who have supported us. Thank you very much, we appreciate a lot. Now, let the photo tell you the story!

The very first day of business.People were busy setting up their own stall.
TaTa!All products are packed and arranged neatly on the counter.
This was Jon's fish balls.Business was very good for him.
Jong Cheah Huoy was worrying if its gonna sell whereas i'm as steady a rock.haha!
Jong Cheah Huoy (my partner)

Jon,Steph,Me,Jong Cheah Huoy and Xiao Jong
Last but not least, our stall number 74